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What is “wrapping windows”?

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The term “wrapping windows” means that the window trims on a house that is having new vinyl siding on will be covered with “Trim Coil”.


Trim Coil, what is that?

It is a thin sheet of aluminum that can be bent at the job site by using a machine called Brake Machine, designed specifically to trim coil. You may have seen a weird machine like a table with a handle on the top, hanging on the top of a contractor’s truck. Well, that is the one we are talking about.

So, for this particular vinyl siding project,  the customer wanted all the windows to be “wrapped” with aluminum coil, as well as all the fascia board and rake boards of the house. The good thing about this product is that besides the fact that it is maintenance free, it can be found in more than 50 colors that can match almost every color out there.

The worker for this kind of job must be very skilled to bend and install the product on the existing window trim because there is a lot of miter cut that must be done with precision to make it look good.

Well, if you look at the picture below, you can have an idea of how it should look like. Nice miter cuts and precise curves.

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