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Rotting Wood & Moisture Problems Solved During Exterior Painting in Massachusetts

Home Consultation is Key to Successful Exterior Painting

Exterior painting in Massachusetts requires more than simply adding a few coats of paint to your home. Exceptional exterior painting contractors should take time to fully evaluate the condition of your Boston area home prior to performing any services. A free exterior painting evaluation comes standard at Franca Services, and this essential step paid off for this Acton MA exterior painting customer.

Knowing that his newly purchased home would require some minor renovations as well as a paint job, the customer was happy to let us take a closer look. Our experienced project manager discovered several places with rotten wood due to moisture exposure, which meant replacing some boards and installing a system to prevent future problems with rotting wood and moisture penetrations.

Exterior Paint – An Ideal Time to Cure Moisture Problems with Wedge Vent System

First, we scraped and sanded down the home’s surfaces, replacing the rotten wood planks with ultra-resilient Azek Trim Boards that offer the look of natural wood without the hassle and expense. To ensure absolute cleanliness for superior adherence of the paint and primer, we performed a thorough pressure washing service on all facets of the home.

Next, we installed the highly effective Wedge Vent System to put an end to any moisture problems that commonly accompany our oft-harsh New England elements. This innovative system creates the space between the clapboards, allowing any moisture to escape rather than deteriorating your home’s siding and its structural integrity. Read more about our success in solving moisture problems with the Wedge Vent System here, and learn how it’s ideal for use within most types of siding installations in MA.

Using Only the Best Exterior Paints Makes a Difference

At last, it was time to wrap up the job with our professional exterior painting contractors who puttied and caulked the essential places before priming the siding, fascia, soffit, trim boards and shutters with Sherwin Williams Oil Prime A-100. Following up with a lovely shade of premium Sherwin Williams Resilience Acrylic Latex Paint left us with nothing to do but enjoy seeing the look of joy on our customers face!

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