HardiePlank Fiber Cement Siding Should Always be Installed Above Ground Level

We get a lot of calls from customers that already have fiber cement siding

You might be surprised at how many calls we get from customers that already have fiber cement siding but afterward find themselves disturbed about the work they had done. One of the most common concerns we hear involve water penetration. When we arrive on the scene, 9 times out of 10, the customer has good reason to be worried. The contractor they hired to install their siding was either downright lazy, unknowledgeable or not an expert James Hardie Siding Installer.


During our consultation, this Westwood MA homeowner was disappointed to learn that his worst fear was true – he received a less than stellar installation job.

We had to explain to him that Hardie Siding has strict manufacturer installation instructions that must be followed precisely for the generous warranty to maintain its validity. This is particularly true concerning the mandatory 6-inch clearance the siding must have from the ground. As you can see in the before photo of this project below, the siding goes all the way to the ground on certain areas of the structure.

To boot, the original contractor failed to install the required water table, which is instrumental in preventing water infiltration and premature peeling of paint. The water table features a beveled top and a drip line on the bottom edge. This design helps direct water away from the wall’s base and away from the siding materials. In New England where winters can be particularly harsh, this essential step also helps preserve the integrity and longevity of your siding from ice and snow that often remains on the ground for extended periods.


We were more than happy to dispatch our expert Hardie Siding installation team to get the customer’s Hardie fiber cement siding finished the way it should have been the first time.

As you see in the after photo above, the home’s water table actually complements the trim on the structure. The siding is just as it should be to prevent moisture damage to the dwelling. It is incidences like these that serve to remind homeowners to choose their fiber cement contractor carefully, or they could find themselves losing out on the benefits of their warranty. In addition to having to hire another installer to make things right.

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