This is one of our favorites exterior painting jobs done in Chelmsford. That is because we brought back the beauty to this Victorian house. After this client had contacted our office, we scheduled a visit with them, so we sent our estimator to take a look at the project. As usual, we walked around the house with them because we wanted to be able to recognize the lead paint on the siding and trims. The job was awarded to us, and after a few days, the job began. As a part of the preparation, we scraped loose and peeled paint and sanded all the surfaces scraped. We used the HEPA vacuum connected on power sander to make sure our work followed the EPA new regulation. After the whole sanding was done, we cleaned the entire house with a simple green solution to ensure the siding and trims would be properly cleaned. We applied one full coat of Sherwin Williams Oil Primer A-100 in all surfaces, and then we also applied two coats of Sherwin Williams Resilience 100% acrylic on Siding, Trims, and Doors.

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