Choosing the Right Siding – Considering Vinyl & Fiber Cement Siding Installations

How do I choose the best siding for my home?

Given the vast number of choices available to homeowners today, we receive a number of inquiries that amount to, “How do I choose the best siding for my home?” As a professional siding contractor in MA, we have gained an extensive amount of experience over the years, as well as seen many remarkable innovations in home siding products. In fact, while discussing the pros and perceived cons of these two siding types, you might be surprised to learn that manufacturers have made vast improvements to both vinyl and fiber cement siding – virtually eliminating the downsides.


Is a Vinyl Siding Installation in MA Right for Your Home?

There are three primary reasons to consider calling a vinyl siding contractor:

  1. Saving Money – Vinyl siding is by far the most affordable siding option.
  2. Low Maintenance – Periodic washing during the course of its life – you’re done!
  3. Amazing Color Selection – Vinyl offers a vast array of complementary hues.

Common misconceptions about vinyl siding still linger, and two of the most pervasive are that the product lacks attractive curb appeal and resiliency. Today’s top vinyl siding manufacturers offer natural wood textures while new technology extrusions permit the addition of distinctive finishing trim all around the home’s exterior enhancements including windows, doorframes, corners and more.


Siding installations are far more durable than years ago, and Craneboard’s Solid Core Siding offers 64% greater impact-resistance and 40% more tensile strength than ever before! Insulated vinyl siding also benefits your pocketbook by reducing energy expenses – not to mention that you’ll sleep better enjoying a 45% noise reduction inside the home.


Fiber Cement Siding – A Premium Return on Your Hardiplank Siding Installation in MA

On to the reasons why you should consider calling a fiber cement siding contractor:

  1. Excellent curb appeal – A near-identical look to natural wood without the cost.
  2. Low-Maintenance – Much lower than wood, but slightly more than vinyl siding.
  3. Mold & Pest resistant – No more issues with termites, ants, woodpeckers, or bees.
  4. Provides one of the best return on your investment for siding installations.
  5. Extensive selection of grain styles to choose from – even shingled looks.

As a premier James Hardie siding installer in MA, we are privy to all the latest technology, and this manufacturer’s exclusive ColorPlus Technology has minimized one of the biggest negatives of fiber cement siding in the past. ColorPlus fiber cement siding features baked on pigments that last 400% longer than traditional paint and experiences 30% less fade resistance – a vast improvement from just years ago!

Moisture problems with fiber cement siding are easily prevented by contacting a professional installer with a solid reputation and experience – one who understands how to properly utilize the James Hardie Weather Barrier and water tables that inexperienced contractors tend to neglect during installation.

If you would like assistance or additional information concerning choosing the right siding for your Boston area home, contact us at Franca Services for a free consultation. Our project specialists will visit your home to provide expert advice at your convenience.

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