A Short History of House Painting

Today, homeowners are well aware of the need to paint their homes.

It’s something that must be done every so often as part of the regular maintenance of a house. They may also take for granted a large amount of color, type, and quality choices they get to pick from. Some homeowners take advantage of services like painting contractors who can make the process much easier.

However, there was a point in time where owners never painted their homes at all. Or a time when it was rare to hire professionals to paint a home and the chore fell on the homeowner themselves to get the job done. There weren’t many types of paint or colors to choose from.

Let’s learn more about the evolution of house painting and how it became the industry it is today.

Paint as Protection from the Elements

Before the Civil War and expansion West due to the railroad system, homes in the U.S. may have been very ornate, but they were rarely painted. Instead, people used bricks and wooden planks on the exterior to create beautifully elaborate homes. There were few people who could afford to add paint to their home. Homeowners began to desire this look to add perceived value to their home. They also realized that the paint protected their home from exterior elements.

News spread quickly, thanks to the railroad, and companies like Harrison Bros. began marketing their new line of paints that were available in many colors. Marketing posters and flyers featured paint chips that homeowners could take home and test on their walls. This increased a desire to make their dreams of having a painted home come to reality.

The Early Days of Color Choice & Methods

The colors initially available for exterior home paint were neutral – ranging from soft whites to dark browns. However, as the Harrison Bros. paint chips made their way around the country, the possibility of true creativity when painting homes became a reality.

Homeowners would have to paint their homes by themselves or ask friends and family to help. This could have taken days longer than services today!

Color Trends Through the Decades

At the beginning of the 20th Century, home magazines, like Town & Country House Painting, helped show just how creative you could be with color to mass audiences. They also stressed the importance of house painting contractors to get the job done professionally. By this point, the range of color choices available grew exponentially. Homeowners could choose from a range of neutral shades, reds, greens, and blues.

In the 1930s, various shades of green and pink were leading in popularity. Trends shifted in the 1950s to pastel colors like lilac and yellow. Bright, bold colors made their way in the 1970s. Purple and orange were the most common. Some folks decided on black!

From 2010 on, we’ve seen the popularity of various shades of black or beige being used for a statement. Some popular trends include dark grey walls with a brightly colored couch or wood floors with a lighter beige on the walls.

The Ease of Modern House Painting

Today, painting professionals specialize in many types of exterior paint, siding, and sometimes even windows and decks. A contractor can tackle every area of your home to make it unique, durable, and easy to enjoy. Paint has improved to create an even stronger barrier around your home to protect it from all that life throws its way.

If you’re ready to make an investment in your home with a new coat of exterior paint, call Franca Services to request a quote. This family-owned business has been serving the valley for almost 20 years and has received an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. Give Franca Services a call to see why!

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